Our main aim is to provide a crypto that has real-world capabilities and applications that ensure a constant market for VCoin

Our Goal isĀ  ALREADY happening with multiple stores already preparing to accept VCoin as an accepted currency with added discounts for people who use US!

This alone is a massive incentive for you to get on the train early.

Our future is bright and looking strong, and we plan to take you all with us on this VTrain as we take it past the moon! WERE GOING TO “V”ENUS

Buy and Sell Coins

We are currently listed on DODO, Pancake Swap and more coming soon

Get Started Now

Head on over to one of our listed markets and get hold of some coins and HODL! We aim to make some big moves in the near future!

Safe & Secure

Sit tight and don’t panic, your crypto is safely stored on our blockchain and we have strong security in place to ensure your peace of mind as well as ours.