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The Crowdpool is now LIVE! Head on over to the pool by clicking below!

Welcome To VCoin

Building The Community

We aren’t here for a quick buck. We strongly believe that crypto is the future of currency and that the time is now to get retailers to accept, use and take advantage of the new era of money.


Giving Back

You’re investing in our project right?! So we think you deserve something back! We will be hosting a copious amount of giveaways, including; coins, NFT’s, cash, and MORE!

Expanding The Horizons

Upon the creation of this site, we have already contacted and agreed on terms with multiple companies who will begin accepting VCoin, and offering discounts to those who use it!

The future is looking V!


The Start

Every idea has to start somewhere. For us, this was inception of VCoin.

Oct 10th, 2021

The Process

With a vastly growing market we decided the time was now, we developed a whitepaper, ran tests using our own money to see the volatility of the market and worked out what caused coins to fail and how we can prevent this with ourselves

Oct 30th, 2021

Building The Coin

With the knowledge we had gathered via our own research and understanding of the crypto economy, we set to work establishing and perfecting our coin.

Nov 4th, 2021

Establishing Relations With Retailers

Working closely with retailers, explaining our vision and how they can benefit from our coin. This was a lengthy process but we have come out the other end stronger then ever

Nov 10th, 2021


Thanks to for hosting our crowdpooling that will last for a little over one month! This will allow people to get in early and grab some VCoin and at a LOW price setting the floor for the future of currency! The time is quite literally NOW to invest in the future!


Nov 24th - Dec 30th


It’s an ever-changing business. To stay on top of the game, don’t forget to keep yourself in the know.
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